Working ON Your Business, Not Just IN Your Business

Three Strategies for Shifting GearsCan You Switch Gears?

There’s no doubt that shifts in our markets and economy over the last few years have changed the way many of us do business.  What separates the successful from their less-successful counterparts in this and every market is their ability to work on their business while working in their business.

What’s the difference?  To do what you do as a speaker, trainer or coach – balance is not a given.  It takes planning, careful thought, organization and systems that create and maintain balance, accountability and forward momentum.

Step 1: Create a plan.  Part of working ON your business is to create a definite PLAN.  For many – it has to start with a MINDSET and the ability or willingness to LET GO of some of the control!  (I know, I know – I can hear you know…“What?  Are You CRAZY?”   You know, while you may be able to “do it all” – can you really do it all effectively?  Do you even WANT to do it all?  What’s your best return on time investment?  Talking to clients, coaching members and delivering powerful messages from the stage right?  Do you NEED or WANT to be the one to maintain the database, engage the social media, send the weekly or monthly emails, write the blogs, design the new business card,  What would you tell your coaching clients or members about wearing every hat in THEIR business?

Um, NO.  We’d tell them to delegate right?  We’d have them take an inventory of everything they are doing and write it all down.  Then we’d have them highlight those things that are closest to their revenue line-right?  Oh, and next we’d have them identify those things that are within their strengths and those that they are not proficient at – wouldn’t we.  And then we’d say…delegate.  Trade skills.  Create partnerships.  Utilize resources.

Wow.  It’s so much easier when it’s not US isn’t it?  Well – YEAH!  But the same rules apply to you.  Create a plan by figuring out what you must do, want to do, can do with ease and efficiency, should do for the sake of your business and then – decide what you can delegate, trade, partner up or resource out. Our world is filled with talented people in a zillion and a half fields just waiting to be the resource you need.  Let’s leverage that-huh?

Step 2: Employ smart marketing. In today’s competitive arena, effectively marketing yourself, and your business requires both consistency and laser focus.  You’ll need…

Consistency.   You can’t be a one-shot-wonder.  Send one mailing out, even two will not create the leverage you need to capture the attention of the organizations you want to attract.  That is – if you’re even keeping or contacting your book of business at all.  I can’t tell you how many speakers, trainers and coaches that I know that aren’t practicing what they preach.  They aren’t staying current with their database and they’re not emailing or mailing their contacts with any consistency.  Competition is fierce my friends – the time to get TOP OF MIND is right now.

You, or a member of your team, should be mailing, emailing and personally contacting your bureaus once a quarter, your database at LEAST once a month with timely, content-rich tools, solutions and strategies.  Our industry is inundated with images and fresh ideas – make sure you’re at the top of that timeline!

Step 3: Put systems in place. Without systems, you’re like a hamster on the wheel-spinning and spinning without really getting anywhere. Systems are the only way to establish and maintain the delegation, automation and streamlining necessary to continuously work ON your business. Systems allow you to:

  • manage your time effectively
  • create a consistent standard of service
  • assure clients that their needs are being met by a “team”
  • provide checks and balances for fine tuning your business
  • promote efficiency and accuracy

What systems should you have in place?

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Database management
  • Online image management (protecting your copyright and brand)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content management (blogs and site management)

Working ON your business requires dedication and a commitment to the activities that earn you top dollar and allow you to “feed” the career you’re building. Never lose sight of the fact that prospecting, presenting and closing should always be at the top of your list.

Believe it or not, there’s never been a better time to succeed in this industry. Seize the opportunities that others see as obstacles. Learn from the success stories that have come before you, and model their ability to navigate exponential growth, a balanced life and a book of business so valuable and reliable that they never have to wonder where their next deal will come from. I wish you much success!

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